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Santurce fretwork by Frances Gallardo
Frances Gallardo - Santurce - Skyline Series
Paper fretwork and collage


This is a one of a kind paper work (fretwork) done by Frances Gallardo. It was presented personally by her on a booth at the Feria De Arte Y Diseño (FAD 2013) in Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico. It is signed and comes with a receipt made by the artist.

Santurce (as showed in the works title) is a neighborhood in San Juan of 94,000 residents with an impressive art scene filled with street-art, galleries, museums, artists studios and theaters presenting the best performers in the world. Its a constantly moving place, with bars and restaurants on every corner, inciting the good life and socialization.

In this work, Frances tries to bring that snapshot of Santurce to life, integrating the hurricane concept that is present in some of her previous works like the show Meteoro back in 2012 (Arsenal De La Marina Española, Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico). The movement of the hurricane appears to be the machinery that puts in motion this populated and stressy place, with its people and diversity.