My name is Antonio Luis Castro Barreto, 36 years old and born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I began collecting art 6 years ago, focusing on young Puerto Rican artists that where born in the 1980's and right now ripening their careers.

The first artwork I bought was in 2007, an engraving by Puerto Rican artist Ada Rosa Rivera. I didn't know anything about art in that time but I was perplexed seeing those reds and how the image interfered with my actual life experiences, transporting me back in time, feeling those moments again. Today I still seek that emotion when choosing a work of art.

Three years later I have deepen my collection; surrounding the themes of architecture, political situation and everything related to what really defines the Puerto Rican culture.

I hope you enjoy my collection and feel free to send a message with your questions or thoughts. Have a great day and keep enjoying art!

Antonio Luis Castro Barreto