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"My artistic work consists of investigations on the landscape and the various cultural forms in which postcolonialism builds hybrid systems of domination over Caribbean territories and, more specifically, on Puerto Rico".

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1990.

Roberto Yiyo Tirado has a bachelor's degree in Plastic Arts from the School of Plastic Arts and Design of Puerto Rico. The production of his works is based on studies about the political, symbolic, and aesthetic construction of public spaces in Caribbean areas. In specific terms, the analysis model is mainly directed at the critical reflection of landscape, architecture and how these concepts relate to the colonial status of Puerto Rico. Under a variety of disciplines such as sculpture, engraving, painting, photography and installation; works are established in constant tension with the contemporary forms of colonialism and the different tourist economies that shape the territory.

In 2015 in a partnership with Puerto Rican artist Karlo Ibarra, they founded the contemporary art space KM 0.2. This project space located in the Santurce neighborhood is still in operation. In 2018 he was a fellow of the "La Práctica" program at the Beta-Local institution in San Juan. He has exhibited in various institutional spaces and countries such as: Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Chile, the United States, Spain, and the Dominican Republic.

Online course: Introduction to the curatorship / Valentina Montero, Node Center / Berlin.

Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design, School of Fine Arts of Puerto Rico, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

2008- 2010
University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus, Puerto Rico


La Residencia @ Casa Quién, Santo Domingo RD.

La Práctica grant @ Beta Local, Puerto Rico.

Residency @ Mana Contemporary Miami, Florida, USA.

MECA Art Fair 2017 RESIDENCY WINNER @ Mana Contemporary, Miami.

First Prize of Fine Arts Contest -Grabado-, Ateneo Puertorriqueño, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

First Prize in Engraving SIPS 15 (Student International Small Print Show). The Minia University Cairo, Egypt.

Second Place in Engraving, Doral Art Fest, Miami, Florida, USA.

Savoir-Faire / Fabriano Materials Prize, Boston Biennial Printmakers.


Individual exhibitions

Caribe Hostil @ El Lobi, Santurce Puerto Rico

Doble vara (Yiyo Tirado & Karlo Andrei Ibarra @ Casa Quién, Santo Domingo RD.

Dis locaciones curated by: Cesar Vargas, Galería Delta de Picó San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Caribbean Blues, Mana Contemporary Miami, Florida, USA.

LA CERRA (El MAC en el Barrio), Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Puerto Rico.

Hipervisibilidad del paisaje curated by: Vanessa Hernández Gracia, Proyecto Local, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Crónicas de un CV, Lorenzo Homar Gallery, School of Fine Arts, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Collective Exhibitions

AIRBNB @ MECA Art Fair w Km 0.2. San Juan, Puerto Rico

AIRBNB @ MECA Art Fair w Embajada. San Juan, Puerto Rico

Siempre NEW curated by: Violeta Mansilla. Los Angeles, California.

Unidad mínima @ Galería El Dorado. Bogotá, Colombia.

CADENA w Sagrada Mercancía @ Feria CHACO curated by: Carolina Castro (Chile Arte Contemporáneo) Santiago, Chile.

JUANNIO curated by: Alexia Tala, Claire Breukel & Jesus Camará.

CONTRAFUERZA w Km 0.2 @ ARTLIMA, Lima , Perú.

PAPI @ Lagos, Ciudad de México, México.

Degradaciones @ CHACO curated by: Carolina Castro (Chile Arte Contemporáneo) Santiago, Chile.

POPPER, UV Studios Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Arte en concreto , Lo concreto en el arte, Museum of Contemporary Art, Santurce, Puerto Rico.