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silkscreen of abandoned space by Omar Velazquez
Omar Velázquez - Undo - Universidad Sagrado Corazón
Silkscreen and collage on canvas


This one-of-a-kind artwork by artist Omar Velázquez was part of the solo show "Undo", presented at the University Of Sacred Heart in 2013. It is signed and comes detailed in the catalog of the exhibition (also signed by the artist with a custom message on it). Omar also drew a muscular arm with my nickname on the protective cover of the artwork.

Before creating this body of work, Omar was summoned by curator Adlin Ríos Rigau to go back and focus in his roots, engraving. He admirably fulfilled all expectations with monotypes, large format silkscreens on canvas and on-site constructions. He worked themes surrounding the imperfections he always found in architecture while traveling in Puerto Rico (abandoned spaces), and how those imperfections or "lines" also exist in the world of art, segmenting artistic tendencies. He tried to rewind that way of doing things, fracturing it but maintaining his mastery over the use of mediums.