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Karlo Andrei Ibarra - Crossover 2009

Karlo Andrei Ibarra incorporates the term "crossover" to that point in the career of a singer when the use of another language is used on the songs to expand his market of audience. Then he applies it to the current political situation of Puerto Rico as a territory (colony?) of the United States Of America. For example, Puerto Ricans are US citizens but cannot vote for the president neither enter in free commerce with other countries without using the US marine.

Karlo Ibarra compare both sides of the coin, the process of assimilation of Puerto Ricans to the north american culture side by side with the "reality" of the assimilation and its "citizens" not knowing the US anthem.

Puerto Rico has been a territory of the United States for 117 years and the artist is implicitly asking us, isn't it time to be assimilated long time ago?