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Model for a levitating machine.
Model for a levitating machine.
Sculpture. Wood, cardboard, Plexiglas and hair dryer engine.


This piece by Manuel "Manolo" Rodríguez was part of his solo show: Concerniente a metodos de propulsión at the Galería de Arte in Universidad de Sagrado Corazón (2011, Santurce Puerto Rico). The exhibition contained 13 sculptures of flying machine prototypes. Each artwork had their respective drawing, explaining the process of creation. I have the catalog of the exhibition showing the sculpture.

The sculpture was owned in 2011 by artist Norma Vila Rivero, curator of the gallery at Sagrado Corazón. It was then exhibited in 2014 in a show called El artista coleccionista at the Museo de Arte Dr. Pío López Martínez, University of Puerto Rico, Cayey. The exhibition gathered the art collection of seven renowned artists in the island to showcase that artists also collect and preserve local art.

I acquired the piece in 2015. For the design, Manuel asked Norma to buy a hair dryer engine and it is actually installed on the inside.