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Karlo Andrei Ibarra
Karlo Andrei Ibarra - "Los Honorables"
Print 1/10
23" x 18"


This print is #1 of an edition of 10 and was acquired in 2016 from gallery Roberto Paradise in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It contains amorphous and distorted images of governors in power since the Constitution of 1952 till present, playing with the notion of ambiguity and blurriness they have created for the island. It's also a continuation of the installation "History of the Loop" (2016) made by the artist in Gallery Km 0.2 in which he hanged 12 "for sale" signs with the names of governors of Puerto Rico in the last 60 years. He makes all of them responsible for "selling the island" to other interests, leaving the current economical and political stagnation.

Each of the public government offices around Puerto Rico have a picture of the current governor. Karlo maintained the print proportions and design just to make the critique even more pronounced. Having all of the people responsible of the actual economic crisis in Puerto Rico and not able to see them well in the picture, make us the voters responsible for it to an extent as if nobody have governed us for good and spurs a wake up call; are we going to change this?