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Untitled. P/A from the series "Culoptical Paintings"
Untitled. P/A from the series "Culoptical Paintings"
Silkscreen on paper
18" x 18.5"


Artwork was acquired on May 13, 2017 as part of a visit I made to Rafael at his studio "Puerta Amarilla" in Santurce, Puerto Rico. It comes signed as an Artist Print (P/A).

The series "Culoptical Paintings" where presented in 2014 at Liga de Arte de San Juan with the title: "Llegó el verano con su moda de rayitas" (Summer is here with its fashion lines). Rafael worked with the fashion trends he had observed, specially the use of lines in clothes, mixing it up with different types of women bottoms. The exploitation of girls in the fashion industry (ideal body types), the movement of the lines and the freshly tropical aura surrounding the images, makes each artwork stand on its own evoking humor and appreciation to an old art movement, Optical Art.

Rafael is directly influenced by Op Art and Cinetism, tendencies that cause, through various means, visual illusions and optical effects, also working with the movement, whether real or apparent.