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Rosenda Álvarez Faro- Paz Garantizada
Rosenda Álvarez Faro- Paz Garantizada
Engraving on paper 17/25


Artwork acquired during a studio visit in 2018 at Taller Malaquita in Santurce, Puerto Rico.

Malaquita is composed of nine artists, six of them graduates of the School of Plastic Art sin San Juan and three who are completing their studies there.Its members are: Aleman Coral, Rosenda Álvarez Faro, Elizabeth Barreto "Iza", Yamileth Flores, Zuania Minier, Rosaly Mota, Andrea Pérez Caballero, Vero Rivera and Carolina Fernanda Serrano. Most of the artists met in 2009, during protests at the School of Plastic Arts. After years of collaborating together, these young women are committed to art and society in form of paintings, jewelry, engravings, performances and different expressions of art.