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Model for a levitating machine.
Sculpture. Wood, cardboard, Plexiglas and hair dryer engine.

“I've always loved flying machines, but when seen as art objects, they have a higher weight, are a sign. The message of these pieces is the ironic hope you have towards technology. The modernist hope of how technology will improve our daily life (...) hunger, overpopulation and how it was resolved yet created more problems".


Born in Bayamón, Puerto Rico (1982). Currently lives and work in New York.

The work of Manuel "Manolo" Rodríguez starts by challenging our personal and collective history, creating an interesting discourse between the present and the possibilities in future. His work shows a great domain for the care to detail, lines and shapes. This can be seen in his sculptures in the form of boxes containing autobiographical notes and quotes of his diaries, trying to freeze time and at the same time playing with memory. On the other hand, he tries to convert his wildest dreams into concrete ideas, merging them with the rapid growth of technology today. The results are three-dimensional sculptures of flying machines, propulsion engines and floating gardens with no real mechanical use but apparently useful in our everyday lives.


MFA in Sculpture, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Bachelor in Sculpture, School of Visual Arts, San Juan, PR


Manolo Rodriguez Epic Epoch Solo Show. Con Artist Collective.

Physical Information, D E F I B R I L L A T O R Gallery, Chicago, IL

Future Proof, The Lodge, Chicago, IL

Selvanáutica, THE MISSION PROJECTS, Chicago, IL

NASA IN THE HOLLOW / Manuel Rodriguez + Kendall Babl, PEREGRINEPROGRAM, Chicago, IL

SAIC MFA Show, Sullivan Galleries, Chicago, IL

Relaciones Aleatorias entre Mecanismos Alados, Gallery Espacio 304, San Juan, P.R.

Cognitive Dissident, La Metro , San Juan, P.R.

Concerning Methods of Propulsion, Gallery of the University of Sagrado Corazón, San Juan, P.R.

Lexus Scholarships exhibit, Puerto Rico Museum of Art, San Juan, P.R.

According to Buoyancy, Fist Art Foundation, Dorado, P.R.

On the limit, Cart Watch, San Juan, P.R.

5Th Anniversary of ÁREA , ÁREA: Lugar de Proyectos, Caguas, P.R.

Third Competition of Emerging Artists, Oriental Tower, San Juan, P.R.

Superávit, LA15 Centro Curatorial, San Juan, P.R.

National Exhibition, Antiguo Arsenal de la Marina Española, San Juan, P.R.

Alaire, #610 Calle Hipódromo, Santurce, San Juan, P.R.

Graduate Exhibit 2008, Cuartel de Ballajá, San Juan, P.R.

Cien imágenes de Corretjer en el Tiempo, Arsenal de la Puntilla, San Juan, P.R.


Seul Art Space_GEUMCHEON, Geumcheon District, Seul, South Korea.

Luminary Residency Program, St Louis, MO.

Dave Bown Projects - 8th Semiannual Competition (Curators: Cindy Buckner, Al Miner, Margot Norton) Honorable Mention.

Le Roy Neiman Foundation Fellowship.

OxBow School of Art Summer Residency, Saugatuck, MI.

SAIC Grant, School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Dean’s Scholarship, School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Fist Art Foundation Grant, Fist Art Foundation.

Lexus Scholarship 2010, Fundación Comunitaria de Puerto Rico.

First Prize, Certamen de Arte Joven, Oriental Group.

Special Prize for Distinguished Development in Sculpture, Randy Barceló
Foundation, E.A.P.