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gamalile rodriguez xray cerebros
Felt tip pen and acrylic on canvas
51" x 51"
Artwork by artist from Puerto Rico, Gamaliel Rodriguez at Walter Otero Contemporary Art.
Ballpoint pen and felt tip pen on canvas

“I’m interested in the notion of security/insecurity produced by fictional images. The fact is that I would like to achieve clear images, but at the same time a misinformation of what is happening in the picture; a mental gap between the images and its representation; a gap between what you observe and the message that it could produce”.


Born in 1977 at Bayamón, Puerto Rico.

Gamaliel Rodríguez uses ballpoint, sharpie and acrylic to create images that have multiple meanings, one by the history behind each piece (with its curiosity for the investigation) and the other, by the meaning proposed by the audience. This last one creates an imaginary that even surprises Gamaliel. He is influenced by the concept of "Rhetoric Image" created by theorist and philosopher Roland Barthes which stated that: "How does meaning get into the image? Where does it end? And if it ends, what is there beyond"?

Militarization, the human brain and its complexities, technology, and how all of them affect our world past and future; are his most noted themes of work. His interest on investigation and surrounding all the possible answers to the places he draws, makes him wonder about what they "are not telling us".

Gamaliel worked as an infantry officer for the US military for 2 years, where he learned about following routes, maps and creating strategies. He still carries those concepts on, applying them in every new project.


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Bachelor in Communications in Visual Arts University of Sacred Heart, San Juan, Puerto Rico.


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